Products - Mitsubishi Electric


Induction Motor
The induction motor is called "Mother of Industry" because all manufacturing is dependent on them. Mitsubishi Electric Induction Motor can provide clients with  ...
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Single Phase Motor
Three Phase Motor
Brake Motor
Gear Motor
Motor Warranty
Watt-Hour Meter
Mitsubishi Electric Watt-Hour Meter is famous of its accuracy, reliability and durability. Its quality has been trusted and relied by most apartment and shop ow ...
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Mechanical WHM
Electronic WHM
Processing Machine
Mitsubishi Electric Processing Machine is a precise machining produced by highly accurate mechatronics products. It greatly help improves the productivity and q ...
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Wire-cut EDM
Die-sinking EDM
Laser Processing Machine
Small Hole Drilling EDM
Other Factory Automation Products
For controller (PLC, CNC), Human-Machine Interfaces(HMIs), Inverter, Motion Controllers, AC Servos, and Industrial Robots please contact to

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 Products - MEATH


Aluminium Frame Motor & Gear Motor
For gear motor, first alternative, MEATH offers Mitsubishi Electric Induction Motor with Sumitomo Cyclo Drive Gear Head. This combination provides customer a r ...
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Aluminium Frame Motor
Gear Motor
Water Pump
MEATH offers “MEATH-SUPER PUMP” in various types of water pumps such as centrifugal pump, submersible pump, automatic pump, and etc.. All pump bodies ar ...
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Centrifugal Pump
Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump
Automatic Pump
Inverter Pump
Submersible Pump
Deep Well Submersible Pump
Pump Warranty
Die Casting Parts
Start from when the company was first established, aluminium die-casting is recognized and appreciated by customers for its high quality. Now die-casting busine ...
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Laser Cutting Service
Beside Laser Cutting Machine sale, we also provide laser cutting service. Our Mitsubishi Laser Cutting Machines are of the highest quality, using CAD/CAM design ...
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Mold & Die
MEATH designs and manufactures the highest quality molds using technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan. For Further details, contact our Mold & ...
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