MEATH is one of the Mitsubishi Electric group companies under Factory Automation Systems. The company is a leading manufacturer of induction motor, watt-hour meter, centrifugal pump, submersible pump, and aluminum die-cast part in Thailand. The company is also a sales and service network of Mitsubishi Electrics electrical discharge machine and laser processing machine for Thailand customers.
The company has continually improved its technologies and services by applying creativity to all aspects of its business. The company focuses on enhancing the quality of life in its society. The company respects nature and strives to protect and improve the global environment.

    Products - Mitsubishi Electric
Induction Motor
Single Phase Motor
Three Phase Motor IE1
Brake Motor IE1
Gear Motor IE1
Three Phase Motor IE3 [200V class, 400V class]
Three Phase Motor IE3 [380V 50Hz]
Three Phase Motor
Brake Motor
Gear Motor
Watt-Hour Meter
Mechanical WHM
Electronic WHM
Smart Meter SMW110W4
Processing Machine
Wire-cut EDM
Die-sinking EDM
Laser Processing Machine
Small Hole Drilling EDM
Other FA Product
    Products - MEATH
Aluminium frame Motor
Three Phase Motor
Gear Motor
Water Pump
Centrifugal Pump
Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump
Automatic Pump
Inverter Pump
Submersible Pump
Deep Well Submersible Pump
Booster Pump
Die Casting Parts
Mold & Die
Inverter Compressor Driver
200V Series (Single Phase)
400V Series (Three Phase)



 Latest News
Mar 20, 2023MEATH's Updated Privacy Policy 
MEATH announces the company's updated Privacy Policy on March 20, 2023, as follows.
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Nov 8, 2022No.5 Energy Saving Label for Induction Motor (Efficiency class IE3) 
From November 4, 2022, MEATH attended No.5 Energy Saving Label Award Ceremony and received No.5 Energy Saving Label in the category of Three Phase Induction Motor(Efficiency class IE3) from Minister of Energy.
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Jun 1, 2022MEATH's Privacy Policy 
Dear value customers, suppliers, and employees,

On June 1, 2022, Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) (PDPA) will come into effect. Therefore, MEATH would like to announce the company's privacy policy. You can review MEATH's Privacy Policy details by click ...
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May 3, 2022New Three phase motor Q-Series IE1 [Expand large size] 
MEATH released new Three phase motor Q-Series by expand large size "15~75HP 4P" those provide efficiency class IE1 with high performance and more energy saving.
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GX-F Series two-dimensional fiber laser
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