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CMCH Series
Constant Pressure Automatic Muiti-Stage Centrifugal Pump : This is multi-stage pump equipped with high quality pump controller which start the pump when water is required and stop the pump when stop using water. This means to smooth operation and constant pressure at each flow rate. Very suitable for house with water heater. The unit equipped with dry running protection function.

- Constant Pressure
- High Pressure and Flow Rate
- Rust Proof
- Easy Installation & Maintenance
- Low Noise
- Buit-in Dry Running Protection System
- Stainless Steel Cover
- Polymer, Multi-Stage Impeller


Series : Automatic Pump  
Model : CMCH Series


Model : CMCH-505S
Bore in : 1"
Bore out : 1"
Voltage: 220~230V, 50Hz, 2 Pole
Watt : 500W
Water usage : 4-5 points
Suitable for : small to medium house / town house
Model : CMCH-755S
Bore in : 1"
Bore out : 1"
Voltage: 220~230V, 50Hz, 2 Pole
Watt : 750W
Water usage : 7-8 points
Suitable for : large house



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