Induction Motor
The induction motor is called "Mother of Industry" because all manufacturing is dependent on them. Mitsubishi Electric Induction Motor can provide clients with the most high quality motors which could be ideal for any application.


Single Phase Motor
Mitsubishi Electric Single Phase Induction Motor is the best proper low voltage use f ...
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SP-QR (Split Phase Start Type, IP20) < IE1 >
SC-QR (Capacitor Start Type, IP20) < IE1 >
SCL-QR (Capacitor Start and Run Type, IP22) < IE1 >
SCL-KR (Capacitor Start and Run Type, IP22)
SI-K (Repulsion Start Type, IP44)
SCLF-QR (Capacitor Start and Run Type, IP55) < IE1 >
SCLF-QRV (Capacitor Start and Run Type, IP55, Vertical type) < IE1 >
Three Phase Motor
Mitsubishi Electric Three Phase Induction Motor is high performance and high reliabil ...
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SB-JR (Horizontal Type, IP22)
SB-JRV (Vertical Type, IP22)
SF-JR (Horizontal Type, IP44)
SF-JR (Horizontal Type, IP55)
SF-J (Horizontal Type, IP55)
SF-JRV (Vertical Type, IP55)
SF-JV (Vertical Type, IP55)
Brake Motor
Mitsubishi Electric Induction Break Motor provides safety break torque 150% of motor  ...
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JRB (Horizontal Type, IP55)
JRFB (Flange Type, IP55)
JRVB (Vertical Type, IP55)
Gear Motor
MEATH offers the result of advance technology, High-performance geared motor, compact ...
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Geared Motor SF-JRGD
Geared Motor MET-TGD
Sumitomo Cyclo Drive Gear Box with Mitsubishi Induction Motor



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